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Ketman is the strategy that everyone in our society who isn’t a true believer in “social justice” and identity politics has to adopt to stay out of trouble.

I dig deep into issues that the mainstream media avoids, trying to find kernels of truth that are obscured or ignored by MSM’s so-called reporting.

I started this blog with the intent of looking at the left and right sides and then finding the middle ground. But what I found was that the left is tyrannical and has no use for logic and reasoning. So now, I do my best to expose the lies of leftist, socialist, Marxist groups. In my writing, the ultimate goal is truth, even if it means I have to adjust my worldview.

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RL Martin
Public-school teacher by day, freelance writer by night. I'm currently focused on exposing the flaws of leftist ideology and the lies of the fake news organizations, including AP, Reuters, the CDC, etc. More at www.rlmartinwrites.com.