Musk might have thought he could bring the conservatives back, but I hope they won’t go. I hope he finds that he just sank 44b into a liberal echo chamber. I have a good reason to hope this.
Is it possible China knows that Covid is a non-issue, but they’re shutting down anyway in order to sanction America without, um, sanctioning America?
Putin is fond of saying "Fact is fact." The Russian pronunciation sounds to me like the F word in English. If Big Pharma gets away with the following…
New laws that allow for relaxed mask wearing may lead to the flower’s demise. But it’s hard to say. People seem intent on living in fear.
The study that Alex Berenson is using to bludgeon his readers with was done on older people who all had comorbidities and who were in clinical severity…
Tacoma schools just handed out Rapid Antigen Test kits today to every kid, the RATs. Here's why I think that was a huge waste of money.
Washington State Health Department is forcing unvaccinated students who come in close contact with confirmed cases of Covid to skip school. Vaccinated…
The year 2020 saw a record number of retirements.This "Great Resignation" is a green light to the Great Reset.
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